My mom came over yesterday to help me with some cleaning/organizing of the apartment that I *really* needed to do. We capped off the day by going to see a movie. Now, I'm not a fan of paying full price for movies in a theater, unless I'm going out with friends or family. And, scanning through the listings for the local theater, there were only two shows I was remotely interested in seeing: Juno or Penelope.  Penelope won by default because of the time we got out of the restaurant where we had dinner.  We were the first people in the theater, so we got prime seats and had no one in our row or in front of us. Woohoo! I loved Penelope. The fantasy/magical realism of the story was very sweet, and I adored Catherine O'Hara and Richard E. Grant as Penelope's parents.  I did want to bitchslap Catherine O'Hara's character a number of times, though. What made this movie an A in my book: I felt it was well worth going to see at full price.  I don't confer that honor lightly. For any of you who like sweet romances with a fantasy element, and really like Christina Ricci, Catherine O'Hara, Richard E. Grant, James McAvoy, or Peter Dinklage, go see this movie! Oh, and for your Torchwood fans: there are Owen sightings!

BTW, I sooooo do not agree with EW's "F" review.

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