Bacon and scallion deviled eggs

I made a batch of these the other night. There were lessons I learned and relearned with the process. This was only the second time I’ve attempted to make deviled eggs and this batch turned out *much* better than the first time. I think.

First, the recipe. As the source, I used an Epicurious recipe. I mostly stayed true to it, with the main difference being I finely chopped the bacon slices and incorporated the resulting bits into the yolk mixture rather than reserving as a garnish. The fine chop is infinitely easier to accomplish when the bacon is completely cooled. Here’s the eggs after I finished piping the mixture back into the whites:

Bacon and scallion deviled eggs

Luscious looking, aren’t they?

Well, I don’t know how clear I’ve made this, but I do not have any full-sized appliances in my apartment. The fridge is one of those dorm-style ones with a little freezer tray on top. I would swear that even on its lowest setting, it would ice over Hell. I stored the eggs in two containers and here’s the eggs how I discovered them in the smaller container when I got to work the next morning:

Deviled eggs after accidental freezing. The egg whites have begun to delaminate.

Yeah. The egg whites were not the tastiest. I did eat one, and major rubber. I was not quite ready to give up on the filling as there was bacon in there, and I can tell you that despite the freezing, the yolk mixture tasted just fine. The other three whites ended up in the garbage. So, lesson learned: avoid accidentally freezing hard-boiled eggs. When I got home, I checked the eggs in the larger container which had ended up under a full bag of baby carrots. While the bulk of the eggs in the larger container appeared to have been frozen as well, two might have made it through. This is probably because I stored them in one of those new Rubbermaid lunch blox boxes, entree sized (the sandwich size is in that second picture), and the two potentially okay ones were in the small divider. I moved the whole pack into the crisper drawer as that’s the furthest from the freezer unit (which doesn’t really keep anything that *should* be frozen frozen). They’ll be lunch for me on Thursday if they’re truly fine.

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