Update: Pounds jars

Almost a year ago, I posted about a neat little inspiration craft I found on Pinterest. I still have those jars, and there has been movement. When I first made them, my motivation was to lose weight, but, honestly? That goal has *never* worked for me. My brain is just not wired to be focused on weight loss. In March, I did sign up for Weight Watchers after seeing the success that an author friend of mine, Shannon Stacey, was having with it. In the nine months I’ve been a member, I’ve lost nearly thirty pounds.

How have I lost so much if weight loss hasn’t been my goal? I’ve lost it because I’ve made making healthier food choices and exercising more my goals. I bought a FitBit pedometer to keep track of how much I walk a day. It’s expensive, but as I use it pretty much every day with the odd forgetting to take it off the charger and put it back on my bra, it’s been worth it. I know that it’s made an impact on how much I move around each day.

The weight loss has been slow, if not outright stagnant, at times, but I expected this. Weight loss is not the goal. It is only a measure of the choices I am making. Not to say I’m not pleased by the weight loss. I am. I’m more worried about creating sustainable eating and exercise habits which will last the rest of my life. I’ve always known what I needed to do to lose the weight, but I was never ready to make the time commitment needed, especially to the exercise. The other reason I’m perfectly happy with the slow melting away of pounds is that I expect them to stay off. I’ve had rapid weight loss in the past, mainly due to medications, and those pounds always came back with a few more friends. That is not going to happen with the pounds I’ve been losing this last year.

I don’t really have an end goal in mind since the (insert refrain) weight loss is not the goal. I know what size I’ve always felt like in my head, so if I reach that, I’ll be ecstatic. What’s that size? 14-16. Even in my own head I don’t think of myself as a skinny minnie. To me, with my frame and bone structure, 14-16 is thin. I’ve already dropped down to a 22 in jeans and 22-24 in tops. I can slip fitted clothes off and on without having to unzip them. I’m feeling really great about what I can do.

With all of that, I am keeping track of the weight loss with the pounds jars still. The amount of stones I first put into the pounds jar equaled what I thought would be reasonable weight loss for one year, about 1 pound per week, and what I thought it would take to get me into size 20 jeans. This week, I finally tipped over into having more stones in the “pounds lost” jar than in the “pounds to go” jar. I don’t think I’ll empty the “pounds to go” jar before my one year anniversary with Weight Watchers, but I’m fine with that because I think I might come close to making it into those size 20 jeans.

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5 Responses to Update: Pounds jars

  1. Kate says:

    That’s awesome & inspiring! Would you mind sharing what exercise you’ve been doing?

    • Katie says:

      Honestly? Just lots and lots of walking 🙂 I try to walk laps around some shelving storage in the basement at work once or twice a day on my breaks. Depending on how many steps the pedometer has logged, I may also walk laps at home along a path that I keep clear of stuff. I’m in a basement studio, so space is tight, but as long as I’ve got this path clear I’m good to go. I flip on the TV for about half an hour and can log another 2500-3000 steps. The weeks where I’ve come close to or hit over 70,000 steps (avg. of 10K/day) are the ones where I’ve really lost weight from the week before.

  2. Such a creative Idea! Will most DEFINITELY be copying this idea (I hope you don’t mind), after I have my baby and am ready to lose weight! (:

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