Goodbye, summer!

Lord, the summer has flown by. I’ll throw up a more filled out post tomorrow with what I’ve been doing, but here’s the short version:

  • Knitted two baby blankets for my little cousins and completely forgot to take pictures before my big cousin, their mommy headed back to Alabama with them.
  • Have been making lots of food from scratch to save on money. I’ve been doing a pretty good job on that. Pinterest is helping with discovering new recipes.
  • After I finished the baby blankets, I got started on the Goodale cardigan for me. The yarn I’m using is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Woobu in Korppi. I’m *loving* it. I can’t wait to finish it and am hoping to have it done by mid-October, if not the end of this month.
  • Destashing. Not yarn. Not just yet. But I’m destashing clothes, books, tchotchkes, conference bags, anything that I can find a new home for either through Goodwill, some other giveaway method, or the dumpster. Part of it is that I’m really hoping to have a reason to move in the near future, and part because I need to lighten my life anyway. The thing about weeding is that you can see what’s left with a new clarity. I think the yarn’s going to be last since I’ve barely bought anything new since I last destashed, but the next round is going to be based on whether or not I have a specific project in mind for it…or it’s Malabrigo or a really nice luxury yarn that I still am in love with the colorway.

So that’s it for now. How are things by you?

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