Quick FLS update

I ended up working almost exclusively on the February Lady Sweater during the car rides to and from Alabama which meant that I finished up the body at knit group on Wednesday. I’ve already started one of the sleeves because I also wanted to finish listening to the audiobook I had going in the car. I’m shooting to have this done in time for the conference I’m speaking at mid-February (get it?!?!).

Two things: 1. When binding off, it is crucial to use a larger sized needle, and still go loose on it. I average about two sizes larger than what I used for the project. For this, I’m using size 9s for the project, so I’m using 11s to bind off. 2. Using interchangeable needles for this project makes it *so* much easier to get going on the sleeves. When I divided for the sleeves, I put the live stitches on correct sized extra cords and hooked stoppers on the ends. When I was ready to start on one of the sleeves, all I had to do was switch out the stoppers for the needles. I use Denises for my interchangeables and have had very few problems with them. So, pictures:

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One Response to Quick FLS update

  1. Lynda the Guppy says:

    Looks great! That’ll be a good color for you.

    I’ve been eyeing the FLS for a couple of years now. Just need to find the right yarn and get it done. LOL

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