2011 is coming ’round the bend

And I’m thinking about life in general. I was debating on which blog to post this on, but as I’m trying to keep the other blog the more professional oriented of the two for the time being, here the ruminations go.

In the process of trying figure out how to stay on top of day-to-day life, I’m also thinking about 2011 in general. I already know there’s going to be some massive changes in my life with regards to work, and therefore general life. I have no idea how those changes will play out, but there will be changes. I’m already committed to speaking at two conferences, both on the topic of ebooks and both within the first month and a half of the year. At this point, I’m not planning on any more until I can figure out what’s going on with the job. With the likely job changes, this also means there is a likely move looming on the horizon. Which in turns getting myself even more organized and culling out those things I don’t use/have storage space for. I’m also working on getting the novel I’ve written this year whipped into shape so I can send it out for consideration with agents. I’ve got a headstart on it, thankfully, but I’ve got two other writing projects I’ve written since and now are in edit/submission to editor stages that I need to clear out in the next two weeks. Remember those two conference I mentioned? Well, in the middle of preparing for those two, I’m going on a family vacation for a family wedding. I’m driving down to Alabama with my mom for sure, and likely my brother, sister-in-law and nephews, with my dad riding shotgun on the way back.

All of this to say one of my goals for 2011 is to appreciate what is going on around me. I know quite a few people who have done those photo a day for a year things in the past, and this morning I decided I want to do it this year. I’ll probably be posting the project here and to Flickr. I’m going to make an effort to be more conscious of the world around me, but at the same time I won’t be flogging myself if I miss a day.

Another project I’m doing in 2011 is tied to the other blog. I’m calling it the Genre Breakout Challenge – 2011. I think it will be fun, and if any of you aren’t readers of the other blog, I hope you’ll join in.

Writing goals, as mentioned, is to get the novel from this year in shape to go out the door. I’m planning on starting another novel in April. I’ve already sketched out the rough idea as it’s been sitting in the back of my head for a while, and I had a few bursts of inspiration back in October right after I finished current novel. I’ve also got a short story I want to write, and probably will intersperse that with the editing phase of current novel.

My knitting goals are to finish the February Lady Sweater. I would *really* like to finish it in time to wear to the February conference (hah!), and I may be pushing it. It takes me about two hours to do one set of the lace pattern for the body. I may just make a daily goal of two rows. That or it will be my riding project when we head to Alabama. When I’m done with the FLS, I want to start the Goodale. I’m intent on knitting from stash whenever possible this year, and since I already have the yarn for it, I’m good. We’ll see what other projects crop up in there.

As for scrapbooking, I’m still hoping to do the family weddings album. Scrapbooking time may get eaten up by the 365 project, but it’s all of a piece 🙂

I think that’s it at this point. I do feel calmer seeing all of this listed out, in a fashion. So, big goal for 2011: keep head screwed on straight in the face of chaos 🙂

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