Angie’s Easy Cracker Candy

I highly, highly, highly recommend that you all go check out the original recipe as Angie included pictures.

2 sticks salted butter (Seriously, if you use salted butter for nothing else, use it for this recipe. I do.)
1/4 c. sugar
Club crackers
12 oz. bag of chocolate chips (I prefer milk for this recipe)

Other necessities:
15″ x 10″ (or thereabouts) rimmed cookie sheet
Heavy duty aluminum foil (yes, heavy duty as it takes better to being formed to cookie sheet)
Medium saucepan
Plastic spatula for getting all the buttery goodness out of the saucepan
Offset spatula for ease in spreading chocolatey goodness

Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Line a rimmed cookie sheet with heavy duty aluminum foil. Take the time to do this with one piece of foil, making sure not to tear. It really is worth it as cleanup will be minimal when done. Place a single layer of Club crackers (preferably butter based crackers that are rectangular/square in nature) onto the cookie sheet. You may find the crackers overlap a little in some places, but this is okay. In a saucepan, melt the two sticks of butter over medium heat. Once they have fully melted, pour in the sugar. Whisk with spatula briefly to make sure the sugar is fully “wetted” by the butter. Let them boil together for three (3) minutes. Use a timer. You will thank me. The butter will thank me. As soon as the three minutes is up, pour the butter/sugar mixture over the crackers. Spread the mixture out using a spatula to make sure every cracker is covered in this butter/sugar goodness. Gently place in oven for five (5) minutes. Again, use the timer. Take the sheet out of the oven as soon as the five minutes are up. Be very careful at this point as the crackers & very hot buttery candy move around easily. The crackers with candy mixture should now be nicely browned. But even if they aren’t, don’t leave them in for longer! Just take them out. Set on a heat resistant surface (I use a cooling rack), and let sit for half a minute to slightly firm up. Pour the bag of chocolate chips over the crackers and spread them out so they’re on as a single layer. Let sit for about two minutes. Using a spatula (I prefer the offset variety at this juncture), spread the now melted, but probably still intact looking, chocolate chips evenly over the crackers. If you want to put extra toppings (like sea salt, pecans, etc.) on, do it now. Place the pan somewhere so it can chill until hard. Preferably a freezer, or a balcony in the middle of winter with snow on the floor. If you do put it outside, make sure to put a larger cookie sheet over the one with the cracker candy and a heavy weight on top of that to keep the critters out. Once the cracker candy has fully chilled, remove from foil and break into pieces. If you used Club crackers, it likely will break along the edges of the crackers. Serve to friends and have them fall all over you for the recipe to feed their new addiction.

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2 Responses to Angie’s Easy Cracker Candy

  1. Angela James says:

    I’d make a few notes. You use club crackers, I use saltines, some people use graham crackers. I like saltines because the cracker candy is already rich w/out using the others.

    I vary my toppings at the end. Sometimes I sprinkle good sea salt on them, other times finely chopped glazed pecans.

    3 minutes is not always long enough for the boiling of the sugar. If you have a candy thermometer, go for the soft ball stage (or if you know what that stage looks like by eying it, that’s what you’re going for).

    Last, you can use different kinds of chocolate (milk, semi-sweet, bittersweet, or dark) depending on your individual tastes.

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