A repair job for Mom

So, when I first started to get all “crafty”, I started out with beading. I’ve got this tote bag full of my beading supplies, and I rarely dive in. I was reminded last night why this was. Mom asked me to bring home my supplies over Thanksgiving. A strand on a favorite necklace of hers had broken and she wanted me to make a bracelet out of the strand for her, if possible. We finally got around to working on it last night. I started out thinking I was going to have to restring this sucker, and that I didn’t have the right materials, and then Mom said “can you just leave it on that cord?” And I proceeded to facepalm myself. That solution worked perfectly as we needed to shorten the strand anyway for it to be a bracelet. I pulled some stones of either end and then attached the clasp necessary to make it a bracelet. We then decided to make earrings out of the leftover stones and beads. That is where I remembered why I don’t do more beading. The wire wrapping is a pain when I don’t have a lot to work with and the wire is on the medium range of the spectrum. It’s too hard to manipulate with my fingers. I think I need to just stick with necklaces and bracelets. Anyway, here are some pictures of what I started with and the end results.

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