Project Updates

It’s been almost two months since I posted “What I’m Up To”, so here’s the update on that:

  • Knitting
    • Organizing yarn stash – As I said last time, this is done and pics will be posted later this afternoon.
    • Triangular shawl – Done. Will post pics this afternoon.
    • Mobius cowl – I did this with yarn I picked up from our trip to Chicago. Pics and details this afternoon.
    • Sweater 1: February Lady Sweater – I got one of my friends to wind all of the skeins for this, so I finally cast on last week and already have most of the bodice done. This may actually get done before Christmas! Will do a more detailed post on this later this afternoon.
    • Sweater 2: Goodale – Still in queue, but it’s waiting in the background.
  • Scrapbooking
    • Album from study abroad :mumble,mumble: years ago – Moved to back burner, but pulled out all of the pictures that were still in the old “albums” and stored them properly. Still need to note what I remember on the back of them.
    • Album of my brothers’ weddings – Also moved to backburner. I may end up making this an all over family weddings album.
  • Cooking/Baking
    • Pulled Pork – I’ve got my own recipe for this, but in the interests of saving time last week, I tried out The Pioneer Woman’s recipe from her book. It’s good, but the rub mixture was more of a sauce rather than the paste that was pictured. And as it was I did only a half recipe of it, since the cut of meat I had was only half of the recommended size. If I try this again, I’m going to cut out the oil and vinegar.
    • Thanksgiving dessert dish – My mom gave me permission to make this recipe for apple dumplings. I’ve been wanting to try it forever, but there’s no really good way to make it in small batches as far as I can tell. Will report back.
    • Apple Cake in a Skillet – Yes, I love The Pioneer Woman. Her stuff is total comfort food. As for this recipe, it was good, but I need a deeper skillet for it to really work as half of the sauce came out as I was pouring in the cake mixture.
    • Hand mixer – I finally got my own hand mixer, so I plan on making a favorite Strawberry Bread recipe, which is really more like pound cake, in the near future.
    • Cracker candy – Now that it’s cold enough to freeze things on my balcony, I’m going to start making this again.
  • Writing
    • Steampunk novel – First draft was finished in early October. I let it sit for a month, and then started a deep structural edit. I’m behind on that by a bit, but as I finished the first draft almost a month ahead of plan anyway, I can set it aside until December and still be mostly on track.
    • Short story – Right after I posted about this, I got a story idea. Wrote it after I finished the first draft of the novel. Gave it to a friend for critique. Edited it, and sent it in to my editor. Have to wait on her decision, but that’ll probably be a couple of months, especially with the holidays. I’m fine with that as it’s done and turned in.
    • Journal article – This has been on the books since early summer, but I had to clear out a few other commitments first before I could think about it. I’ve got a rough outline, and writing most of a first draft is on the to do list for tomorrow. It’s not due until early January, but I’m really hoping to have it turned in by mid-December.
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2 Responses to Project Updates

  1. Amanda says:

    Do I ever understand the whole “I have stuff to write about but I’m too busy to post” mentality. >_> Your novel sounds great!

  2. Katie says:

    Thanks! After a couple of rounds of edits, I’m hoping it’s enough to snag me an agent 🙂

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