What I’ve done in the last 5 months

A little over 5 months, but who’s counting? In that time I’ve:

  • Knitted two baby carrier blankets
  • Knitted a market bag
  • Knitted a triangular shawl
  • Learned to make The Pioneer Woman’s Mocha Brownies
  • Learned how to make a chuck roast
  • Spent at least one weekend a month with my family, sometimes more
  • Celebrated a birthday
  • Cheered on my best friend from college as she competed in the Wisconsin Ironman
  • Helped my brother and sister-in-law move into their new home
  • Completed the scrapbook of said college best friend’s wedding
  • Made a small scrapbook of pictures of my family
  • Sorted out my bags of photos and stored them
  • Sorted out my yarn stash and organized it
  • Prepared and taught 5 classes
  • Presented a two-hour lecture for the reader’s advisory class at my alma mater on romance
  • Prepared and participated in a panel presentation for a major online conference
  • Began work on a panel presentation for my state library association
  • Spent time with friends both in person and online
  • Worked a part-time job in addition to my full-time job
  • Started reviewing books for Library Journal
  • Read or listened to a total of 47 books

That’s a fair amount, wouldn’t you say? Well, between all of that, I’ve also written a novel. It’s the first draft, so far from done, but I’ve written a novel. A novel which is currently about 76,000 words long. This is the longest piece of fiction I’ve written in over eight years. Heck, I hadn’t been able to finish even a short story for about the 15 months or so prior to starting this. And I did it in 5 months. In short, I’m amazed at myself. Proud of myself. Even better? I think I have my writing mojo back. I was about to say it had left the building the way of Elvis.

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