What I’m up to

With my intention to get back into blogging about my crafting life, if only to keep myself focused on finishing projects, I should outline where I’m currently at with things, no?

  • Knitting
    • Organizing yarn stash – As done as it’s going to get. I have fallen in love with Rubbermaid’s 30 qt. Revelations latching bins which I get at Target. I’ve sorted the yarn out by fiber and labeled the bins using painter’s tape.
    • Triangular shawl – surprisingly, this is my first attempt doing this type of project. I’ve done something similar, but without the center increases. I decided to do this because I had finished a project and my ball winder crapped out on me so I couldn’t wind up the skeins for the two sweater projects I was trying to decide between. Plus, this uses up two balls of Malabrigo that I’d been having a hard time finding a use for.
    • Sweater 1 – I’m planning on doing the FLS using Cascade Rustic in the green colorway. I think I’ve got one skein wound in a ball that I can use to figure out approximate gauge, and at least get started with. This gets cast on after I finish the shawl.
    • Sweater 2 – I got two skeins of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Woobu in the Korppi colorway to do the Goodale pattern. I’ve got these really cool carved mother-of-pearl buttons to use for it, too. This will probably have to wait until I can get a new ball winder since the BMFA skeins are 600 yards each.
  • Scrapbooking
    • Album from college best friend’s wedding – finished and shown off to her 🙂
    • Album from study abroad :mumble,mumble: years ago – Discovered I actually got halfway through the semester right after I got home from that and then stopped. I have the remaining photos sorted and stored. I just have to find replacement pages for the album now, along with screw posts as the ones in the album appear to have broken.
    • Album of my brothers’ weddings – Enh. I need to find all of the photos I’ve got on hand and then print out which ones I still need. I may enlist my one sis-in-law to help with this.
  • Cooking/Baking – This is ongoing. No new recipes, though Quirk Books is apparently sending me a review copy of Booze Cakes. I’m thinking I may experiment with doing a taste test of the cakes with and without the booze.
  • Writing
    • Steampunk novel – 3 1/2 chapters from being done with the 1st draft. If I can get them done in the next two weeks, I’ll have finished the 1st draft in 5 1/2 months. Go me! There’s a story behind this, but I’ll save that for later. I actually started this post because I’m stalling out on getting tonight’s words written and I wanted to grease the brainbox.
    • Short story – I’ve got a short story I need to write for one of my publishers to close out contractual obligations, but I’m stuck on what to write, so I’m planning on just writing something after I finish the draft of the novel.

So that’s where I’m at with everything I can currently think of. A lot on my plate, but this is how I operate. I’m still trying to figure out how I manage to make it not so overwhelming. One of these days.

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