Yarn in 2008 – Wrap Up

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2 Responses to Yarn in 2008 – Wrap Up

  1. bookishbiker says:

    This is really interesting. Do you have a plan for some or most of that yarn? I have a fairly small stash but already don't know when I'll get through it.I split my knitting spending into two categories: Hobby (covers tools and yarn I buy for myself) and Gifts (yarn I buy for gifts.. obviously). But I did the work of pulling the data together to get my total for the year: I spent $746 total this year – considering I
    was buying a TON of needles (started the year owning zero), that's
    pretty respectable. I love tracking this stuff!

  2. Yep, I definitely have plans for about half of it. Some of it has already been used for projects for me and gift projects, thankfully. I'm almost more happy that I kept my records well enough that I was able to balance everything šŸ™‚

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