Yarn in 2008 – October

While not #1 in terms of skeins purchased, this was definitely #1 in money spent. But that's because I got suckered in by a 25% off sale of some yarn I'd had my eye on for quite a while. Otherwise, I had been expecting this to be an expensive month because my knitting group went on a yarn retreat to Chicago. We hit four stores in 3 days. The original plan was 5 stores, but I think we were all glad we decided to cut out the 5th store.

Number of yarn transactions: 5

Locations where yarn was purchased:
Wool and Company – Geneva, IL
Loopy Yarns – Chicago, IL
My Sister's Knits – Chicago, IL
Knitche – Downers Grove, IL
The Yarn Shoppe – Davenport, IA

Number of skeins purchased: 28
Range of price per skein: $8.00 to $29.70
Range of total prices: $46.00 to $89.70
Total: $320.95
Average price per skein: $11.46

Yarn purchased:
Araucania Atacama – No reason other than it was Alpaca and the color was interesting.
Berroco Quest – I'll probably use it for a scarf of some sort. The color's silver and it reminded me of something you'd wear on New Year's Eve.
Blackberry Ridge Fuzzy Mohair – Nothing in mind for it. It's dark green and from England.
Mirasol Miski – Again, no idea, but I loved how soft it was. Probably a scarf, though.
Malabrigo Worsted – I got seven skeins of this in two different colors. Probably a shawl that almost my entire knitting group is working on. And yes, one in each color.
Berroco Ultra Alpaca – I got two skeins in two different colors to do test swatches for the Susie Hoodie.
Be Sweet Magic Ball – A thin scarf.
The Fibre Co. Road to China – Fricking on sale, baby!! I got six skeins in a gorgeous green, so I may again do the shawl mentioned above. A friend of mine gave me four skeins of it in a really pretty caramel/bronze color for being the trip's sherpa, so I may try to think of something to do using the two of them.
Wool in the Woods Gold Dust – Again, on sale, but I got 4 skeins of it for 800 yards, so I may do a slightly short Clapotis.

Ravelry contribution to date: $16.59

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3 Responses to Yarn in 2008 – October

  1. What shawl is everyone working on? I'm always looking for new patterns. *grin*

  2. "Another Easy Ruffled Shawl" from Tropical Yarns which one of my group picked up when on vacation: http://www.tropicalyarns.com/index.cfm?PID=46&ProdID=1109.

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