I’m so easily led astray

This is going to be a knitting post as a warning to those not interested 🙂

These days I've got very limited time on my hands. I've got a book chapter deadline breathing down the back of my neck, and I've got six projects that I need to knit up before Christmas. Five scarves and a vest that's going to be about six months past due. However, by the time I get the vest done, it will probably fit the intended recipient. So, yeah, book chapter and six knitting projects that are going to take me about two weeks apiece to finish. What do I spend most of my weekend working on? A cardigan for myself. Specifically, the Juliet by Zephyr Style. It's definitely a learning piece for me because it calls for the long-tail cast on which I'd never gotten the hang of before this, it's a top-down garment and raglan has never made sense to me before this, how to join a tape yarn to maximize yardage, and finally, it's my first adult garment. Well, technically, the second, but the first was side-to-side knitting that obviously didn't call for special shoulder shaping and was based off of a children's pattern that I'd done before. Plus, I frogged that sucker after getting maybe an inch knitted.

Reasons why I'm addicted to knitting Juliet:

  • It calls for bulky yarn.
  • It calls for larger needles (which frankly feel on the small side to me).
  • Garment construction techniques are finally making sense to me.
  • I'm majorly stash-busting as I didn't have to buy any new yarn for this project. I've had the yarn for about 18 months now and had no clue what I could use it for.
  • I am *totally* securing my position as one of the queens of procrastination.
  • I really want to see what this looks like when I'm done.

The piccies show just the cast-on and first two rows.  Right now, I've done 13 of the called for 32 repeats of the first section of the garment. I think I'll need to add on a couple more repeats so I've got some extra room in the arm scythes. I need to force myself to take a break from it, though, if only to the part of the book chapter that's due in less than two weeks, done.

Beginning of the JulietBeginning of the Juliet

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2 Responses to I’m so easily led astray

  1. bookishbiker says:

    Where are the pics?? Anyway, sounds awesome. It's funny you don't do long-tail – it's the only one I DO know and I think it's a pain to have to know how much yarn you need before you can cast on. What do you use?

  2. Damn. I knew I forgot something. I'll update the post 🙂 And the cast-on I was taught is the knitted cast on. It's worked well for me in terms of stretchiness and other considerations. http://www.myknitting.com/instruction/instructionalArticle.asp?iaid=13

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