Yarn in 2008 – May

This was a fairly quiet month for me, yarn purchasing-wise.  Which was a good thing as I had the trip down to Alabama for my cousin's wedding.  Remember that near-insane amount of Crystal Palace Shimmer I bought to make a shawl? First, I made it too fricking wide and not long enough.  I had a feeling it was going to be wider than my 6 feet wingspan, but I didn't expect it to be TWELVE feet wide.  Twelve. I was giving some great thought as to steeking it in half and then grafting the two halves together, but decided it wouldn't be worth the effort and potential stress as I finished it a couple of days before the wedding and I don't own a sewing machine in which to sew safety lines up the sides of the steek point.  I was just going to double it up and let it cover what it would.  You know what I did? I left the stupid dress it matched in my apartment.  In. My. Apartment.  A two and one half hour drive away from my parents' in Chicago where I realized I had forgotten the dress.  I had even turned around 5 minutes into my drive and came back to the apartment because I had also forgotten my camera.  I walked right past the open closet where the dress was hanging.  Aaarrrrgggghhhh.  So, the amount of time I'd spent knitting the shawl was pretty much a bust on numerous levels.  Yeah, so that's my story for the month.  Probably the year, too.  I'm planning on staying out yarn shops this month with one potential exception.  When I head to L.A. for the American Library Association conference, the Guppy may be taking me on a field trip to her LYS.  I will need to find some way to restrain myself if that's the case 😉

Number of yarn transactions: 3

Locations where yarn was purchased:
The Yarn Shoppe – Davenport, IA
Home Ec Workshop – Iowa City, IA

Number of skeins purchased: 7
Range of price per skein: $7.95 to $9.50
Range of total prices: $7.95 to $47.50
Total: $63.40
Average price per skein: $9.06

Yarn purchased:
Cascade 220 Quatro – I got one skein each during two transactions.  The first skein is for use experimenting with Kitchen-Aid felting since my mom picked up a second bowl and flat beater for me at the Kitchen-Aid outlet.  I ended up agreeing to a trade with a friend where she's going to crochet me a shawl and I'll knit her a tea cozy, and her favorite colors are orange and green.  Well, the first skein I got is color #5019 which is a mix of lime greens, so I got a second skein of #5011 which is oranges.  So, I'm going to use the orange for the body of the Kureyon Kozy and the lime greens for the false bottom and I-cord.
Malabrigo Silky Merino – Do I need a plan for these skeins beyond petting? I think not. Three skeins in Indiecita (which has yellow I did not expect in it) and two skeins of Azul Azul. I'm glad I was able to get my hands on these finally as the Malabrigo factory suffered from a fire last week.  Good luck to them.

Ravelry contribution to date: $6.47

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One Response to Yarn in 2008 – May

  1. Heh heh heh. Restraint, eh? So this would be a bad time to remind you that I'll ship? LOLOL.

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