Another tip on caring for cuts

Don't slam injured finger into edge of fridge door handle, perfectly in line with healing cut.  It causes this:

Cute urgent care doctor called for an x-ray which showed no bone breakage, which would have really capped my day if it had.  Prescription: ice and continued use of antibiotic cream and bandages.

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3 Responses to Another tip on caring for cuts

  1. bookishbiker says:

    DIS gusting. and ouch, poor you! Looks like you're going for an interesting scar yet! Hey.. aren't you coming to this neck of the woods sometime? Or did that already happen? It's all a big blur to me.

  2. The cute doc warned me about the scar and I think it threw him when I was all blase about it 😉 I was supposed to come to your neck of the woods, but then it turned out that my cousin's getting married next month and that will wipe out what cash reserves I was going to apply to going to San Fran. Plus, my workshop proposals for the conference weren't accepted 😦 Are you going to ALA? I want to finally meet you in person!

  3. bookishbiker says:

    Oh too bad about your trip/conference here! And nope, I won't be at ALA – it's not relevant enough to my job for my employers to pay, and since I don't know what I want to do when I grow up, it's not relevant enough for ME to pay either. Well, one of these days, it'll happen!

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