Life can be very good

Everyone at the conference has already heard about the day from hell (along with a few more things), so I will not post about it here.  I tell the story much better in person, so you need to ask next time you see me if you want to hear it.  What has helped make this a fairly good conference considering all the extraneous shit that has befallen me is the people.  I get to see all of my friends.  My close friends who happen to also be librarians and who I see all too infrequently.  My readers advisory crew.  The book publicists who I need to hang out with more because they are a *fun* group of people who love books as much, and probably more, than I do.  The techie librarians who I talk to and see online all the time, but rarely see in person.  All of these people made my conference, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for it even though few of you will actually see this tribute.

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2 Responses to Life can be very good

  1. Was it a personal day from hell or for everyone there?

  2. uncagedbird says:

    Yeah, but I saw it. And knowing that I was part of making your conference is cool. Seeing you was fabu!

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