On the road again

I'm currently writing this in a hotel room in Iowa City.  Spending this much time in Hawkeye country is a little weird for someone who wears a lot of blue and orange.  Tomorrow I'm picking up my four riders and am driving them up to Minneapolis for the Public Library Association's 2008 National Conference.  This will be my first time in Minneapolis, so I hope I don't get too lost.  I'm really looking forward to catching up with some of my peeps at this conference.  While I'm lucky enough to have made a few friends in the last year where I now live, so many of my friends are spread all across the country.  It's usually at conferences like this one that I get to spend time in person with them, and that time is always so fleeting.

So stuff I'm looking forward to doing at the conference:
– Catching up with friends
– Visiting the publishers to see which books should be on the radars of adult leisure readers
– Going to the session where Karen Rose will be speaking about mysteries.  I read Die for Me last year and loved it, and am sad I haven't had time to go back and read her other books.
– Trying not to burn myself out.  That's always a danger for me at conferences, so while I hate to waste time doing nothing, I also need to make sure I really enjoy my time by not killing myself.

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