QotD: Staying Organized

How do you stay organized? 
Submitted by devillibrarian

How can I not answer my own QOTD?!?!  And seriously, how bad is it that I've only just now seen it?

Anywho, the reason I submitted this question is because I am horribly, horribly disorganized in my life.  I make vague attempts at organization and then get very, very, VERY bored before I'm done.  For keeping my knitting and yarn habits somewhat organized, I give thanks for Ravelry.  I shudder to think what yarn goblins I may have succumbed to without the drive to input all of the yarn I own into their database.  Ravelry, organizational crack I keep going back to.

In keeping myself generally organized in what I have to do with my every day life, I have a paper work calendar, a more detailed general life calendar, a Palm TX and craploads of Super Sticky Post-It Notes.  I think my addiction to office supplies helps my attempts at organization.  I get to play with colored pens and Post-It Notes!

Thanks to my genetic defect (third generation librarian), my book collection remains fairly organized, when I can keep them on the shelves.  As to actually knowing what I own, I greatly, greatly enjoy LibraryThing.  Still need to block out a whole three-day weekend to getting the whole collection on there, though.

But all of that is meta-organization.  When it comes to physical objects (not including the books that somehow stay on their appointed shelves), I just can't seem to contain my cluttered, pack rat existence.  I think I need to bring my sister over here and pay her to crack the whip over me so I can throw out the stuff I know I need to but have a hard time doing.

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1 Response to QotD: Staying Organized

  1. Mama Hughes says:

    When your sister is done with you, send her to me. I am a horrible packrat. I put it down to hoarding syndrome. However, once in a great while, I throw things away, usually because I can't find something I really need and the only way to find it is to declutter. What makes it worse is that I'm married to a packrat. The other weird thing is that some parts of my life are super organized (my silverware drawer) and I like that. I really like it when things are in their place. Problem is, I have no idea where that place is. 😦

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