Quick update

So tired.  However, I finished my big project for the month a little while ago.  When I started the weekend, I was seriously questioning whether or not I'd accomplish it, especially as it is due in Thursday, and I'm leaving town for my brother's wedding Tuesday night.  Which, if I didn't finish, tomorrow night to finish the project, finish another project *and* pack for the wedding.  Now with the big project done, all I have left is the smaller project and the packing for tomorrow night.  I'm hoping that the small project goes fast as it's my fourth attempt at it.  I think I should get rewarded for my persistence, if nothing else :)  Reading for the committee continues on, as does projects with the sekrit identity.

Knitting has taken a bit of a backseat, but I did finish the ring pillow for my brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law:

Tried to use up the remaining yarn from the ball the edging of the ring pillow came from:

And continue progress on my one shawl.  I did attempt the first clue of the Mystic Waters KAL shawl, but I quickly realized my patience would not last long.  This was my first attempt at a lace project, and I can tell already the small needles (6's) and thin yarn (KnitPicks' Alpaca Cloud) will get on my nerves.  I had to frog and reknit three times already because the darn project slipped off the needles.  I'm really tempted to attempt it with worsted weight yarn next year when I might have more time to work on this type of project.

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