Odd-ish day

I've been having trouble sleeping lately.  Even when I do sleep, I wake up feeling like I could go right back to sleep without any problems.  This morning I wanted to get up at nine so I could work on some things, but I just couldn't drag my butt out of bed when the alarm started.  I did crawl out of bed around 9:30, so I wasn't that bad.  The shower definitely woke me up.  My first goal for the day was award committee reading.  My pal on the committee asked me to read one of her suggestions to make sure she isn't being all fangirl-y about it as it's part of a series she loves.  Completely understand as I asked her to do me the same favor (different book) earlier this summer.  I've been trying to get to it for the last month since she first e-mailed me. 

At first I couldn't get to it because I needed to finish up a couple of writing projects.  Got those done.  Then I wanted to clear out some of my own outstanding committee suggestions.  Got those read.  Okay, all ready to read the story.  I brought the ARC copy I had of it home with me a couple of weekends ago to read a little bit of it.  Have not been able to find it since.  My copy from the library came on Friday, so that was my goal this weekend.  I quickly realized I needed to parse this book out, it's so densely written.  Considering the genre, it's not unexpected, and a point in its favor, just something I'm not exactly used to wading through.  I was kind of hoping to finish the book this weekend, but no dice.  I'd probably be sitting in my club chair with drool seeping from the side of my mouth if I'd managed it from the sensory overload of the prose rather than writing this.  I am more than halfway through the book, which I'm happy about, and will probably finish Wednesday night if I'm lucky.  The "problem" is that it takes me a little over two hours to read the portions I've allotted myself for one sitting.  Good thing the only extracurricular I planned for September was to read committee books.  However, this does not bode well for finishing all the reading I'd hope to finish this month as another of the books on the list is also a doorstopper in size.

In between my two allotted reading sessions for the day, I headed over to the local mall to scope out potential wedding finery.  I realized yesterday while talking with my mom that I need a new outfit for my brother's wedding.  I'm a reader, and I've got less than two months.  I'm not looking for the "perfect" outfit, but as the groom's sister, I am looking for something fairly dressy.  Sadly, my little section of Iowa, other than Lane Bryant which I go to for snazzy work clothes, does not cater to someone of my size and my age who possesses a strong sense of personal style.  At least, not with any decently sized collection.  Seriously, discounting the sales tax, the thing I miss most about the Chicago area is the shopping opportunities.  I did end up picking up a couple of tops in a store new to me.  While the overall selection screams "work clothes for school teacher who happens to be 10 years older than me", I did find a sweater that appealed to the preppy side of my nature and a jacket/top I can wear for work.  The thing I noticed most of all about the styles in the stores, at least for my size range, is that a good majority of the tops are meant to end at the waist or top of the hips.  As I've got a buddha belly, this does not please me.

After that interesting shopping trip (I did walk from one end of the mall to the other, so exercise!), I came back home and tackled my personal library.  I've been looking forward to this weekend as a time to get it all entered into LibraryThing.  Sadly, between the marathon reading sessions and other things, I was unsuccessful in the complete quest.  I did get all of my non-fiction books, excepting cookbooks, accounted for and entered…I think.  There are probably a few stragglers.  I'm now up to just under 500 books total in my account.  I think I'll hit in the 750-850 range by the time I finish.  What I did notice last weekend as I was cleaning up for my parents visit is the shelves which house my non-fiction books are not holding up under the weight.  I need to shift the majority of my mass market paperbacks over to those shelves and put the non-fiction books on the sturdier, and shorter, bookshelves underneath my living room window.  I've taken off about half the books on the compromised shelves to reduce the wait and they're now sitting in front of their new home, but I won't have any significant time to dedicate to the process until the weekend of the 30th/1st.  Turns out I'll be going home this weekend to shop for wedding finery on Friday and Saturday and attend a football viewing party on Sunday.  The weekend after that is another big family party and there's no way I'm going to miss it as it will be the first time my nephews and my twin cousins' kids will be together.  As the oldest is 2 1/2 and the next oldest is 7 months, it will be interesting 🙂

Dang, I need to go to bed.  Sometimes though, rambling does a soul good 🙂

EDITED TO ADD: those with knowledge of the sekrit identity, I've got some news for you so e-mail me if you want it.

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One Response to Odd-ish day

  1. AnotherYarn says:

    Oh goodness, I think I got exhausted just reading about all of that. Good luck finding wedding finery.

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