My butt hurts

My parents came in last night and stayed over at my apartment so we could go for a bike ride this morning.  I think we ended up riding somewhere between 20 and 25 miles.  I honestly can't remember the last time I've been on a bike for more than a couple of miles.  The last time I regularly rode my bike, in fact, was five years ago.  I worked until 7p at my grad assistant position since we hadn't gotten a student worker for the summer.  The bus stopped running around 5p, so I needed a way to get back to my apartment in a reasonable period of time.  Then I moved apartments, so I really needed a way to get to the bus as I was living way off campus.  I don't think I really lost any weight that summer, but I know that was probably my last period of being in pretty darn good shape.  And I bet my face didn't turn lobster red from a little exertion.  'Course, by the time I saw my face today, we were almost done with the ride.  Anyway, now that I've popped some Aleve, good times 🙂

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