Pressies!! A photo essay

So, I come home for lunch and find this on my door:

Okay, I've been a very good girl and haven't ordered anything lately.  And what's with that "2 pkgs"?  Wait!! Could it be my birthday pressies from the sibs?  I haul my butt over to the complex offices and tote back the packages.  I'm a little worried about the one box:


I open the boxes:

Yay!!! Pressies!!!  I couldn't wait to see if they'd fit on my one moveable table:

And they do.  Whew!  This just means I have to haul my butt over to Target and hope they still have them for sale as I use that table for additional desk/eating table space.  Why do I need the moveable table?  After I wind up some skeins, the skein I'm going to use for the Clapotis is going on it until I finish.  It'll be helpful if the table can move to wherever I'm sitting in the apartment.


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2 Responses to Pressies!! A photo essay

  1. bookishbiker says:

    um… what the heck is it?

  2. LOL! Yeah, I kind of forgot to explain what they are for the non-knitters 🙂 The wood thing is a swift. It expands to hold pretty much any reasonable size skein of yarn to hold as you wind the yarn. It rotates, and as long as you didn't put the skein on weird, will let you quickly wind. The plastic white thing is the ball winder that turns the yarn into a nice, compact, and uniformly shaped mass.

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