Gift success

My soon-to-be sister-in-law (here on out, STBSIL), liked the facecloths and commented on how soft they were.  I did them in Cotton-Ease and made three in two different patterns.  I had planned on doing four, but ran out of time.  I made one in Snow using the Mother's Day Rose Cloth pattern from Wicket Stitch.  I was also going to do one in Berry, but that was the one I ran out of time to do.  I also pulled a nice, nubby stitch pattern from this book:


I'll update this post when I get back to the apartment with pictures and the exact block # from the book.

Especially gifty touch: I used the facecloths as the wrappers for gift soaps I picked up from this store: The Soap Box.

The pattern is Block #19, Little Knots.  And now, piccies.


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One Response to Gift success

  1. Mama Hughes says:

    A lot of the blocks on the cover look like the patterns in my counterpane book.

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