Convergence of geekhood

Since all the people I would consider meeting up with to go to Wizard World no longer live in the Chicago area, I hadn't paid attention to when it would be.  I *have* paid attention to when Stitches Midwest would be happening.  Just came across a random comment from a knitter about WW, and discovered two big geek events (yes, knitters can be *very* geeky) will be happening at the same time in the same place.  Will the world implode?  At this point, I only plan on going to Stitches 'cause like I said, the people who I'd go to WW with no longer live anywhere close to Chicago.

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2 Responses to Convergence of geekhood

  1. omg, had i known these were both going on at the same time, same place, i would have gone! as it is, i'll be up in northern wisconsin that weekend for a couple of craft shows!?! oh well! hope you have fun!!

  2. ayanna says:

    hey, have fun geeking for me, please. (i am taking advantage of our proximity to san diego to go down for the day tomorrow, but i miss wizard world…)

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