Lottery winners

I'm watching this documentary on E! about lottery winners called "Curse of the Lottery".  I've watched it before, but it keeps sucking me in.  Not to watch the downward spiral some winners' lives take, but the ones who make out good.  My dad's an attorney and one of his specialties is estate planning.  Over the years, because I'm such a pie in the sky dreamer, we've had many conversations about what *should* happen if I, or any of my family members, were to win the lottery.  So many conversations that I know my instinctive reaction would be to call my father for legal advice.  Watching this show again has given me another idea for keeping my feet on the ground were I to win.  I would buy/build my dream house and offer up space and a salary to my sister to be my "personal manager".  Why?  Because my sister has a degree in finance and is very business-minded, and she has no problem in making sure my ego stays deflated.  Until I'm debt-free, I'll probably keep dreaming that I'll win the lottery.  A girl has to dream, doesn't she? 😉

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