Birthday haul

My family knows me well :)  I got funny cards, some cash, an album of photos from birth to just after grad school, a one person teapot and cup, and ruby earrings.  Oh, and a tote bag from the Library of Congress.  Even better, I had a day with my family, including my 3-week-old nephews.  Tomorrow morning I leave early for my road trip to Maryland.  On my way out of town I've got to remember to buy a Mega Millions ticket 'cause it's at $126 Mil, and the drawing's on my 30th birthday.  If there's ever a day Lady Luck should bless me, that's the day.  On the way to Maryland, I'm stopping to visit LR and the Lady B for a mid-afternoon snack and then on to see Librarian Amy and her hubby for dinner.  I'm looking forward to finally meeting all of them in person :)  This is just going to be one heck of a birthday weekend.

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One Response to Birthday haul

  1. bookishbiker says:

    Oh! you're going to have such fun with Librarian Amy! They are awesome. Have a fun trip & take lots of pictures!

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