Productive day

I am *very* tired.  I leave on vacation Wednesday.  As I'm working Tuesday night, I've really only have this weekend to clean out my car, unpack from the conference I was just at, and pack for the upcoming trip.  I managed to get almost everything accomplished today.  The unpacking and packing of clothes will probably wait until Monday night as I'm dedicating tomorrow to a different project that I had promised myself would have been done a couple of weeks ago.  Anyway, my last project for today was finishing up the Phoenix shawl, pattern and yarn from Southwest Trading Company.  Color is "Rose".

Phoenix shawlPhoenix shawlPhoenix shawlPhoenix shawl

I really wanted to have it done before the upcoming trip because I had gotten the yarn and the pattern at an LYS in the area where I'm going.  I'm planning on taking it back and showing them and seeing what other yarn happiness I can find there.  Oh, and the pattern is free with purchase of the yarn, if you can find a supplier.

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