Here’s a first

I bought yarn on eBay.  I'm not an eBay kind of person.  It's been *years* since I bought anything there.  I decided to go scanning through for some Rowan Bamboo Tape.  I found a lot of 10 and put in a bid which wasn't high enough.  Saw a lot of 15 balls of the Cotton Tape going only for $51.00.  Pulling out the calculator, I figured a bid of $65 wouldn't be unreasonable and thought it probably wouldn't get it anyway.  Surprise, surprise, I was the high bidder and the bid was at $52.51.  The bidding ended five minutes later without anyone else bidding, so I'm getting 15 balls of Rowan Cotton Tape for around $4.10/ball including the shipping costs.  Here's the auction if anyone's interested:

Rowan Cotton Tape – 15 balls in Electric

I don't think this will start an insatiable buying craze by any means.  I've got enough stash for which I have no concrete plans as it is.  I'm probably going to spend this upcoming weekend de-stashing, especially as I've got some plans for summer gift projects and I need some space 🙂

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