Having issues here

This is one of the lead stories on AOL and a sub-lead on ChicagoTribune.com:

Nazi Dream of Racial Purity

The reason I'm having issues with it is not the story itself, but is because my reaction to this is "yeah, this is news? I've known about this for years!"  I first read about the Lebensborn when I was in college in this book:

The Apocalypse Watch
Robert Ludlum

Robert Freakin' Ludlum!!  Why is it if you read the spy books you get your "news" years ahead of the general public?  I've also seen a mention or two to it in programs on the Hitler, excuse me, History, Channel.  Still, the first place I came across it was a *SPY NOVEL*!!!!  Forget Jon Stewart, I think I have to go back to reading spy novels after this.

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