Okay, I'm officially confused.  I was bad and stopped recording transactions in my checkbook about a month ago.  Today I was good and went back through and recorded everything in the checkbook ledger and Microsoft Money.  I think.  I'm pretty good about keeping all of my receipts.  Unless there's one I don't have and it's taking a crap-long time to clear, I shouldn't be missing everything.  There is one that I can't do anything about at the moment because I don't know what it's actually going to cost me until it clears as I ordered something from the UK and therefore it's got to be converted from pounds to dollars.  Why am I confused?  It's because, even with that UK issue, I can't get my ledger, Microsoft Money and my online account record to agree.  They are each giving me a different figure.  Argh!!  At this point, I'm not going to use my checking account for anything until payday and will go grocery shopping tomorrow with my credit card.  I hate using my credit card, but with my rent being due before payday, I don't want to potentially screw with that.  I can pretty much guarantee I'll be okay, but since I don't know which figure to trust right now, I really don't want to mess around.  Hopefully by the time I leave for my parents next weekend everything that's going to clear will clear and I can get back on track.

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