Almost penultimate Blankie update

I have two, yes, TWO rows left to knit before binding off and weaving in the ends.  I decided to blow off most of the chores I was going to work on today when I realized how close to being finished I was.  The blankie was about 43 inches done when I started.  As I'm shooting for a four-inch border and the finished dimensions should be about 48" x 48", all I needed to knit of the center portion was one inch.  To give myself a little wiggle room with how thick the border may really be, I knitted 6 more rows before starting the border.  When I did the original gauge swatch, I figured 4 inches of border would be 10 stitches by 14 rows.  It seems to be not *quite* 4 inches, but oh well, my mom likes it so I hope the bro and sis-in-law like it.  I bet the boys will be too oblivious to the stitch pattern and will only care if it's soft.  Pictures later tonight after I've finished knitting.  I know well enough that weaving in the ends will take too much time and I don't want to stay up that late.

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2 Responses to Almost penultimate Blankie update

  1. uncagedbird says:

    Not to be picky – but the English teacher is coming out in me. Isn't this the penultimate update in that penultimate means second to last? But yay for being done!

  2. Hee 🙂 I really thought about whether or not it would be the penultimate or not, but I figured I'd also post one more update when I give it to the sister-in-law. Is there a word for the thing that happens before the penultimate thing? And, thanks!

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