6 down, 6 to go

Last night, before I finally went to bed, I wrote out a list of things I wanted to get done this weekend.  Obviously, I included things I did last night just so I could have a few things crossed off.  Mentally, I think it really helps, when creating "to do" lists to include things you can cross off right away so they're not so daunting.  If anything, write down "write to do list".  I'm quite happy because I finished the item that was most heavily weighing on my mind around noon, so halfway through the weekend.  I think I'll save the #2 heavy for tomorrow.  It's balancing my checkbook, which is strangely fun, but I've been putting it off for the last two weeks and things have built up.  I also need to do some promotional stuff for the alter ego, but I can do part of it later this afternoon/evening and part tomorrow.  Next up on the list is a fun item: book inventory.  I'm actually almost out of printer paper, so I won't be printing out the list, but I've got a wireless network set up, so I can pop on the TX and use that to access what's on the list and what's not without having to cart everything over to the computer and back.  But first, lunch.

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