Vox Hunt: Under 17 Not Admitted

Video: What was the first R-rated movie you saw (or were allowed to see)?
Submitted by Lisa.

Huh.  I always thought this:


was my first R rated movie which I watched with parental permission when I was 8.  BUT, it turns out that this:

was the first which I started watching on a regular basis when I was 6 (well, obviously not the 30th Anniversary Special Edition).  Honestly, neither did me any harm.  Admittedly, my parents didn't know I was watching Blazing Saddles, as that was done at my one aunt and uncle's house, and my aunt really tried to put her foot down, but I was just a little too persistent. And frankly, any harm imposed by watching a Mel Brooks movie at that age was a non-issue as I'd been long exposed to funky senses of humor in my family by the time I started watching it.  Plus, I was watching this:

at my grandmother's whenever I went over there at the same time I was watching Blazing Saddles.  I was doomed from the beginning I tell you.  And, according to Amazon and every other place on the internets where I would expect to find it, this was my first Unrated movie, thank you very much.

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