So very tired

I'm ready to drop to bed, but I'm waiting for the first run of the dryer to finish so I can pull out a shirt and hang it up without, hopefully, too many wrinkles.  While it was washing in the washer, duh, I was looking up potential places for me to stop during my roadtrip in July.  And it wasn't looking for fun stops.  I'm taking an online class over the next few months, and, of course, one of the class days is the day I'm driving back from my Nora Roberts fan event in Maryland.  I go to this almost every year and normally fly out there.  This year I decided to drive because it will be way cheaper to drive 20 hours round trip than fly, and I have the time.  Since I can't really miss any of the classes (well, I can, but only once I think), I needed to find a place that offered free wireless Internet access between Maryland and home that would be roughly halfway between the two.  It looks like the Akron Public Library is the big winner.  My other choice is a Panera in Middleburg Heights, Ohio.  I'll probably be calling Akron to see if they have a study room that gets good WiFi access later this summer when it gets closer to the time for the trip.  The plus about the Panera, though, is that I could eat lunch there.  The class starts at noon, though, so I'd hate to be sitting there taking up space for two hours during their prime lunch period.  I hope Akron's a friendly place.  Dryer's done, so off to hang up shirt and then to bed.

Knitting update: I have about two feet knitted of the blanket that I'm making for my soon-to-be nephews.  I have one month in which to complete it before the baby shower.  I'm going to have to do some serious knitting to get it done in time.  Here's the pic I took of it a few weeks ago to refresh your memories:

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