A little name explanation

With the possible influx of new readers, I thought I'd explain the screen name.  I am not a Satanist.  Various friends have been calling me the devil incarnate since college though, as I'm always tempting them with things they shouldn't do.  Like offering books from my personal library as stress relievers during finals week.  Encouraging them to buy that coat they can just barely afford because it looks so good on them.  Checking to see if the store has that nightshirt in the window they like in a larger size.  Things like that.  Plus, I dressed up for Halloween the year the Boston Red Sox won the World Series wearing a BoSox jersey and little clip horns in my hair.  Also, I've got this pair of shoes that I, and my family, refer to as my cloven hooves because the toe is split down the middle.  In fact, my aunt was trying to describe a similar pair to my mom, and my mom clarified by saying "cloven hooves?" and my aunt said "exactly!"  Plus, I'm a librarian.  So, that's the story behind the name.  Very innocuous.

See this post for picture.

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