I wanted to take a picture to show what I did today, but the only room that was clean enough to be photographed was the bathroom, and frankly, it's too small to take any decent, interesting pictures.  Yet another reason that when I get my dream home, the master bathroom will be the second largest room in the house behind the kitchen.

I did make a lot of progress in getting things cleaned in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.  I'm slowly working my way through the apartment, trying to get things put away from when I moved and the mess I've made since getting 80% settled in.  The two together do not mix well.  I've never been the most organized soul in the world, but I'm making a concerted effort to be better.  Plus, I needed to clean out at least one of the larger suitcases for my trip to Baltimore this week.  I'll only be gone four days, but it's a conference, so I need more clothes than can be fit into the carry-on sized suitcase.  I'd also planned on having all of my books put away by now, but that's been a bust.  I still need one more bookcase for that to happen, but I've been holding out hope for going to a writing conference this year.  Now that I've pretty much resigned myself to not going, I'll probably be getting the bookshelf when I get home from Baltimore.  I'll be going back to Chicago the following weekend for Easter, so I don't have much cleaning time until the weekend after that, but I'm slowly getting there.  The fact that I've put artwork up on my walls within the first two months is a far sight better than how I did with the first apartment I lived in.  I'll post pictures of the glass vases I got in Seattle later.

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