Letting it all hang out

I say I need therapy, but I probably don't.  Traffic sucked driving home today, and what made it even better was that my exit was completely blocked due to a rollover accident.  Of course, I knew about this a half hour into what turned into a 3 1/2 hour drive, but still.  Since my exit was blocked, the next closest exit I could take was right at the SuperTarget.  *Sigh*  I only went in for the delicates bags that I knew were in the OneSpot, a thing of chocolate pretzel goodness for my aunt and hairbands.  Instead of hairbands, because I forgot them, I got this:

Canon PowerShot A550

I will soon be able to join in again on the VoxHunts.

And in knitting news, here's a really neat contest:

Purlescence Storytellers

February's contest is still open until next Thursday and March's contest is open until Tax Day.  I've got an idea for February's contest, but it would require me actually figuring out how to design the damn thing in less than a week.  It doesn't help when they link to yarn like this as a potential prize:

HipKnits – Cashmere/Silk blend

in this color:

or this color:

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2 Responses to Letting it all hang out

  1. bookishbiker says:

    yay for a digital camera! I want to see LOTS of pictures – are you on flickr yet?

  2. bookishbiker says:

    oops. yes, in fact, you ARE on flickr AND in my neighborhood or whatever. still. pictures!

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