Knitting update

Well, I just found out that my first SnB group trip has been cancelled due to the weather.  While I am bummed about not being able to spend some more time with these interesting women and checking out a new knitting store, I'm not that bummed about *not* spending the money I probably would have.  Plus, I get to sleep in even later than I would have if the trip was a go.  Now, instead of one day this weekend being spent on cleaning and organizing, the whole weekend is dedicated to it!  Joy.

As to projects, here's February's UFO update:

Last month, I started the matching fingerless glove.  This month, I finished it!  Yeah!!  The thumb's bigger, but that's okay.  It's not by much, I know what to do for next time if I do these again, and I don't really care all that much.  I also finished the afghan I started back in November.  I was able to teach myself continental for this, but my tension is really loose when doing continental, so it's probably not a technique I'll use for garments.  The afghan was KnitPicks' Abundance Afghan using Emerald Isle as the Main Color and Gloxinia as the Contrast Color.  Anyway, thanks to my mom's camera taking the memory card I use in my Palm TX, here's some piccies of the afghan.

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