Vox Hunt: I Made This Myself

Show us something you made yourself.

I'm pulling out an old one because I don't have a digital camera with which to take a picture of the afghan I just finished tonight.  *Sniff, sniff*  Why yes!  I am going to milk the "lost my digital camera" scenario for as long as I can. Okay, so I'm going to spring for a new camera when I get my first full paycheck at the new job.  Sue me.  Anywho, here's the "made it myself" piccie…and didn't we have one of these a while ago?  Oh, wait, we can hit up Flickr.  Here's an old project I actually took pictures of:

This was my christening present to my godson.  Yes, his dad loved it as godson was baptized just after the Sox won the World Series.  And yes, I obviously can't sew a straight line.  Once again, sue me.

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