Seattle musings #1

I made it in today without killing any flight mates. I rarely lose my temper, but the last couple of times I've flown, there have been some real assholes seated near me. This time was smooth sailing, to pardon the pun. I ended up in the very last row on the aisle. This was a very strategic decision for me. I flew Southwest, and was in Group A, but by the time I got on the plane, all of the emergency row seats were gone. Also, every single seat on the plane was taken. As this was going to be a 4+ hour flight, I knew if I wanted to get up at any point with a minimum of hassle, the furthest back aisle row seat it would have to be. I did get up about halfway through the flight as my butt was starting to cramp. My disposition was also helped by the people surrounding me. *Maybe* three librarians in twenty, when probably a third of the plane were coming here for the conference. I had two high schoolers in the section with me, and they slept almost the entire time, and didn't take up that much space. Woohoo! A family across the aisle and up a row from me was travelling with a 3 month old girl. She was sweet as can be for pretty much the entire trip. Even better, she obviously was *not* drugged up. I pretty much spent the entire flight listening to an audiobook on my iPod. My dad very kindly lent my his Bose headphones, so I wasn't bothered by much. The ride into town went fairly smoothly, but our driver was obviously new, not only to his job, but to the area. The hotel I'm at is okay, but it is definitely a $70/night kind of establishment. Pike Place Market is a very fun place to wander around. I've got some fruit to much on in my hotel room later tonight. I also got some neat glass vases with copper holders. They'll go very nicely in my new apartment. With just wandering around a couple of hours, I can see the appeal of the area. Bite sized bread puddings are the bomb. Tomorrow, I think I'm going to wander my way down to the Seattle Public Library and check it out. I've had a few locals rave about it when I mentioned I was here for the library conference. One guy even checked my shoes to make sure I wasn't here for the stripper convention šŸ˜‰ It would probably make sense if I was because my hotel is just a block away from an, hmm, entertainment establishment. Update'cha later!

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