Sunday randoms

* I am not ready for my trip to Seattle on Thursday.  I've started a list of things I need to pack, but I need to wash them all.

* I did not get a chance to go to the storage unit to look through my shit that's over there.  This is partly because the keys to it are at my dad's office, and I decided I wanted to spend time with my family and all of them were over here to watch the game rather than going out to my dad's office and then the storage unit.

* I still have to do the monthly newsletter for my alter ego and I just do not have time.  I'd like to take a month off, but that would be dumb as I'd quickly fall out of the habit.

* I'm getting all fangirl squeely as I'll be meeting up with a writing acquaintance and possibly some of her friends next Monday.

* Honestly, I do have time to do things, but frankly it gets a bit mentally intimidating with *everything* I have to do.

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