Brain dump

If I worked things correctly, there should be a post just before this one made from my Palm TX.  I really do lurve that device, even if I don't use the Calendar application like I should.  My mind is seriously out of whack.  After writing that, I went and played with the calendar and updated a lot of stuff.  I *cannot* focus these days!

I'm all official for ALA Midwinter.  I received my paperwork today.  Which reminds me…back in a moment.  And I'm back.  What did I tell you about that lack of focus.  Just had to make sure I have my housing arranged so I can check in the day before my roommate who had been the person to make the reservation.

Let's see, what did I do today.  I "began" the day by getting probably 4 hours of sleep.  Luckily I only had to work 4 hours.  However, we were having a little party for the part-time reference assistants as they both graduated from library school on Saturday.  That started at 2, which meant I had an hour to kill.  I ended up going to one of the Borders by work and returning a few books that I had inadvertently bought duplicates of.  I love Borders' policy of accepting books back without receipts.  It helped I still had the BINC stickers still on the books.  I had to get store credit for them, but that in no way bothers me.  It's found money to me.  I got about $42 in store credit, got three new books and still have about $7 left over.  Of course, I have to show the books off:

Juicy (Aphrodisia)
Noelle Mack

I read her other single title from Aphrodisia and liked it well enough, so I figured I'd give this one a try.  As one of the books I had returned was her anthology from them (okay, not a dupe, but I couldn't get into it), I figured I may as well do an even exchange.

Megan Hart

My alter ego shares a publisher with Megan (no, not Spice), and I've been reading her LJ about this book.  I love the cover and am quite intrigued with the concept.

I've been wanting to get this book since I saw it advertised in B&T's PaperClips catalog.  Plus, it fits today's book buying theme 😀

On the moving front, I cleared out my shoe collection last night.  I got rid of about half of them, which took up two garbage bags.  We're fairly lucky in that there's a Vinnie DePaul donation bin up at our church which is only a half block away.  It makes for easy donation at midnight.  Between the shoes and the clothes I've weeded, I've donated 5 garbage bags of goods, and I've got another bag started.  Tonight I met my mom at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  She bought me my house/apartment-warming present of a set of Simply Calphalon cookware.  She had to leave right away to go to a wake (I think it was for the guy we bought our house from 26 years ago), so I wandered around and bought just under $200 of baking/cooking utensils and storage items.  I'm most pleased by the mobile office organizer thing for your car.  My car's a mess, and I'll be doing a lot of traveling with the new job.  I want to keep my, and the office, car as neat as possible.  This will hopefully help.  Even better, it was on sale!  I love clearance sales, don't you?  Okay, I'm finally crashing again.  Yeah, bed!

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