Seen any UFOs?

I've just recently clued in to this little knitting acronym.  What can I say?  I can be pretty oblivious to some things.  Anywho, I saw zombie a had joined Kat's challenge and I thought it would be a good thing to do.  Especially as I'm moving at the end of the month and will probably unearth a good number of UFO's in the process.  Unfortunately, a UFO I would have loved to have gotten back to will probably end up in the trash as I've discovered a G*ddamned mouse got into the bag the UFO was in and left some, shall we say, evidence of his presence.  I'm going to salvage the tools that I can, but I'm counting all of the yarn in the bag as trash.  It's a nice bag, so I'm going to see if I can cleanse it of any impurities before using it again.

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