Holiday stuff

So, let's see.  Today I had off because I'm working tomorrow.  I managed to pull my ass out of bed by 9am.  It's never good when you start tossing and turning well before you know your alarm will be going off.  I quickly got dressed and headed out for the shops.  First stop: Michael's by my part-time job to pick up one more skein of yarn for this project.  I had picked up 6 skeins on Sunday thinking that should be enough.  I got home, did the math and realized I was about 30 yards off.  Luckily the one skein still on display in the color I needed was of the same lot number as the ones I had.  I also picked up the same yarn in different colors to make two more.  I was going to wait until we knew the sex of my brother's expected twins, but hell, the colors I got are bright, vibrant, and — to my way of thinking — gender neutral.  I'm going to do my best to get one done before the beginning of January for my cousin-in-law's baby shower. 

After Michael's, I hit the Target next door.  Outfit for my godson and other fun stuff for the girl cousin grab bag can be checked off the list.  Making my way over to by where my mom works to cash in a gift certificate for a very nice pair of gold hoop earrings.  The GC was for $100, but I got it for $50 at a silent auction, and the earrings were 50% for $97.50, so I got them for basically 75% off.  Woohoo!  Then a stop at my mom's place of work to find out what she wanted for Christmas. I was the appointed purchaser for her present by the sibs.  She wanted a gold chain for a pendant she recently had the stone reset in.  Works for me. 

Off to the yarn store by mom and picked up needles.  Clued the yarn shop owner into my secret identity.  Hopefully, she'll be intrigued enough and we can reciprocate monies exchanged :)  Back home for lunch.  Headed back out in the late afternoon to drop my grandmother off at adoration and then pick up my mom's present.  Thank FSM I had a preferred customer card for 50% off any one thing in the store for this jeweler.  Not the one I stopped at earlier in the day, but the guy who may as well be my family's personal jeweler.  I seriously had no idea how much an 18-inch gold rope chain would cost.  With the card, it came in exactly on budget. 

Back to pick up grandma, but killed some time at Walgreen's.  Bought a container of 1-gallon Ziploc bags.  About half of them had been sliced at some point in the processing process.  The box was immaculate which is why I had no idea this was a possibility.  Bastids.  Got grandma and headed home to wait for my mom.  We went out to the major shopping center by where I work and met up with my brother and sil and my sister.  We stopped in Bloomingdale's so mom could look for a present for the baby bro.  Bro, sil and I are sitting in the empty demonstration area because we wanted to sit.  Behind us is a register.  We get to hear this lady ream out the salesclerk because he cannot locate the exact model electric toothbrush she had come in to buy.  Apparently she had flown in this afternoon, fought for a parking space and had another flight tomorrow morning.  If extreme eye-rolling was a sport, my sil and I would be tied for the gold.  An idiot who doesn't expect to "fight for a parking space" at one of the major shopping centers in the metropolitan area during the holiday shopping season does not deserve the exact model of electric toothbrush that she wants.

Fun times today.  I still need to take a picture of my yarn stash for Food/Crafts/Books Girl, but I think that may end up not being done until I'm off for Christmas.  I've got six days off in a row and might actually clear out enough space in my room to attempt that massive an undertaking 😉

Oh, and for those looking for some fun reading during the holidays, here's two books I recently enjoyed:

Conspiracy Game
Christine Feehan

CG is the fourth in a series, and reading the previous three might help a bit, but you don't really have to.  I'm itching for the one that's coming out next though as it's the twin brother of the guy from CG.

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