Reason #413 why I’m a packrat

With all of the talk of Nano, I decided to take another look at the first novel I ever wrote.  I received the rejection letter for it almost four years ago and stuck it under my bed.  When I moved back home it got relegated to the garage.  As the rejection wasn't a form letter, it had some merit, but I wasn't up to the major revisions needed at the time.  I'm currently in a mode of cleaning out what I do not need in my life anymore.  I think this brick of paper qualifies.  I dug out my laptop (yet another doorstop in my closet, if not for the fact I can use it transfer files from a floppy to a jump drive), and went searching for the file.  Could not find the sucker.  Now that I think about it, it may have actually been sitting on the desktop rather than in "My Documents".  Oh well, I did find a floppy disk, rather readily at hand, with the novel on it.  Now, if it wasn't for the fact that I still held on to a bunch of floppy disks, I would have completely lost this opportunity to see if the novel could be salvaged.  What I should do is see if the manuscript is still taking up space in my garage or not and use that as the edit copy rather than printing out a whole new copy, but I'll probably print out the first few chapters tomorrow.  If they're not salvageable, goodbye.  One less thing to clutter up my life.

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