I don't think this is true insomnia…at least, not as I usually experience it.  I'm wide awake and I don't really want to go to bed, but there's not really anything for me to do as all of my e-mail lists and the blogs I read are dead quiet.  The "problem" is that I came home sick from work, popped two Excedrin Tension Headache pills to kill the nasty ass headache, and went to sleep for two hours.  I'm now feeling better, and thanks to the meds, a bit hyped up on caffeine.  Though, I'm now yawning.  Oh, good sign!  I'm trying to get my body onto a regular schedule of being asleep by around midnight.  I spent pretty much all of last week up until one to two a.m.  Not good as I have a *long* history of sleep problems.  All right, enough putzing around.  To bed!  Slap me if you see me online after this and before tomorrow morning.

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