QotD: All My Computers

How many computers do you have in your house? 
Submitted by Foomper.

My shiny, relatively, new desktop, my aging laptop which hasn't seen the light of day since I don't know when, our aging desktop that everyone else uses, my brother's definitely new-er laptop, and my dad's new-er work laptop when he brings it home.  So, that's what, 5 computers, two of which I own.  If you want, you can also throw in my Palm TX and my dad's Treo into the mix.  I have no plans for upgrading the desktop as I bought an extra gig of RAM for it over the summer.  I bought it with the base 128 megs, and it was getting to be ridiculously slow.  Next "big" ticket tech purchase for me is going to be an external hard drive.  I just saw a 300 gig USB one for under $200.  Now, if I only had $200 to blow on an external hard drive…

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