QotD: My Earliest Memory

What is your earliest memory? 
Submitted by Megan.

I can't tell you what my earliest memory is, only that I have a whole bunch from when I was about two or three years old.  Some of them are burned into my memory either due to pain or fear, but a whole bunch aren't.  They're just there.  Lots of them involve just playing with my family.  The reason why I know they're from when I was two or three is because they're all associated with the apartment that we lived in until I was 3 1/2.  I've heard that it's unusualy for someone to have memories before the age of six or something.  I think they're full of bullshit.

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One Response to QotD: My Earliest Memory

  1. Fattypants says:

    I agree. My earliest memory is obviously from when I was either in diapers, or shortly out of them, and I clearly remember lots of things from when I was 3 and 4.

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