Vox Hunt: In Profile

Show us something in profile.

New shoes!!

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3 Responses to Vox Hunt: In Profile

  1. bookishbiker says:

    *WANT* Those are super cute. Are they comfy? I covet Danskos. They're supposed to be my reward at a certain point, but it's been 2 years since I set that goal. I'm about ready to say screw it and just get some!

  2. Well, these are Softspots (they are actually 12WW!!) and are super
    comfy and are about $40 cheaper than the Dansko Mary Janes. I
    called my local Nordstrom's last night to see if they carry Danskos in
    12 so that I could try them on and see if it would even be worth it to
    order, but they don't. I think the Dansko Mary Janes are next on
    my list of shoes to try when I've got the extra cash.

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